Inspirational meeting with folks from another local authority about learning platforms. Great interaction between all until they asked how we can get teachers to accept the new learning platform technology, if they feel they ‘have everything they need already’.  Stopped the flow like a well-aimed half-brick in the gritty cycle path of educational reform.

Well of course teachers won’t if they think they don’t need it.  They have as much spare time and tolerance for ‘extras’ as the British public have for banking fat cats.

So what’s the problem?  Well, I think it goes something like this …

Isn’t it the transformed  learning that’s the big juicy carrot and the learning platform that’s just the giant tanker delivering it? Or should that be carrot juice and tanker?  This is a somewhat visually alarming metaphor, but you know what I mean. The learning platform is a rather substantial means to a potentially life-changing end for our pupils – transformed learning…

… Which of course we all want, don’t we?

… Because we all fully get what that means don’t we?

… Unfortunately, when Becta did some extensive search they found a ‘scarcity of knowledge’ about how at least Web 2.0 can transform classroom learning.  So, if you do have the inside track on this one, please send your answers on a (very very large) postcard to this blog.


What is 21st Century Learning in the current English education?   Well, I don’t know, but I’d really like to find out as it sounds like someone has really thought through some genuinely powerful stuff for children and young people.  Hence this blog.


And I suspect no-one else really does completely get 21C Learning.  Some though, have a better idea than others and some look through 21C-tinted spectacles that seems to sharpen the fuzzy current focus on 21C learning . So even if it seems outrageously ambitious, I really want to pull all the best stuff together on a site such as this one.


I’m also assuming that anyone involved in teaching kids probably want to get to grips with the stuff too. So maybe this site might be useful to some.


However, at best, this is a personal blog of a journey to understand what 21st century learning should could look like.  The thoughts, comments, links and summaries are all for sharing. Please share yours so we can arrive at an increased understanding of where we’re going tomorrow with today’s young people.


Why should you spend your valuable time on this blog? Because I am committing myself to

1)      Publishing something of value to you at least once a week for 2 years minimum.

2)      Checking/publishing/responding to all blog comments which you go to the trouble to share.


Why should I do this? Because …

1)      I want to know the answers!

2)      I will use this understanding to help me in a 2-year research course on “Using Web 2.0 to transform teaching and learning”.


I think this is going to be …

1)      really hard work! But mainly hard work for me, so that’s ok.

2)      A fantastically exciting journey of thought, even for those of you artery-hardened cynics.


Most of all, if the results are a collaborative venture between us, then we will have used Web 2.0 to engage in collaborative learning (see what I did there?) … so the results will be real.