Lots of upheaval – including 3 house moves, manic workload, 2 new kittens and 6 chickens – has meant a leave of absence from research and now a serious relaunch in September.

So about to relaunch along 3 concurrent tracks of thought:

1. The research process itself:
From research questions and conceptual framework to research method, methodology, sampling, instrumentation, data collection, data processing, data analysis and finally conclusion drawing and verification.
Significantly, I have jumped into Data Analysis first. This is on the grounds that qualitative data analysis is much more loosely bounded than quantitative but stills needs to be contrained to a degree that will actually allow me to make a serious start.

2. My research area

– Social media to transform teaching and learning.
Need to consolidate everything I have on this.

3. My research project
– Have moved from focusing on TRIO (a successful work-related elearnign initiative I am trying to get funding to test its transferability from italiy to UK, Germany and Denmark) to a Social Media In Schools Pilot I am involved in at work.