An 8 Step/30 Minute Twitter Regimen To Boost Your Identity

(extract from above site with own notes in italics)

  • Go to and check your @ messages.Your account also has an @ box but sometimes people refer to you without commenting to you directly, as in a retweet. If you have been retweeted, you should take note of what was retweeted and prepare an appropriate response.
  • Check your direct messages, unfortunately this may have less use than it used to because so many people auto DM after being followed. Nevertheless, if you are at a lower number of followers, this won’t take long and could reveal some additional information like:
    • From the username you may find out something about the person’s interests. If you set up your account correctly, they followed you based on your own stated interests. If those who have chosen to follow you are the ones you want, your bio/profile is working. Otherwise, you should add some key words or alter the text.
    • The message itself may be a comment addressed to you rather than an auto DM. They may have made a useful comment that can help your direction.
    • If it is an auto DM, it can still be very informative. It will show you how some others are trying to market on Twitter. If none of those messages appeal to you, you know what not to do. You can also have a look at how many follower some of these DM marketers have, this might help to gauge the effectiveness of a given technique.
    • Don’t be so quick to dismiss that auto DM marketing. Many of those people are sending out free e-books, some of which can be useful.
  • Send your first update, make it a good one, with a quality comment or link.
  • Look at your friends list and drop anyone you added several days ago who hasn’t followed you back, you’ll need the space since 2000 is your limit for awhile.
  • Find people to follow and follow them.
    • Use Twitter search to find people who are tweeting the keywords you are about.
    • Go the the accounts of these people, look at their timeline. If they are indeed in your niche, add them
    • Also look at this person’s followers as well. They are likely to have a similar interest
    • That’s for finding followers, but you should try to be more efficient. As you look at various tweeps, you can also get the mood of what is happening in your niche. This will give you ideas at a glance rather than having to scan through 20 blog posts. Sometimes, a quick scan is enough to remind you of something to write about or research.
  • Search the keywords in your niche and find out what people are talking about in this area. Tweet some comments on it, get into some conversations.
  • Find more followers by asking a question in your niche, people who answer are a) likely to follow you back b) Good resources c) are being followed by others in your niche
  • Do a twitter search for keyword and ‘?’. That’s someone asking a question with one of your keywords. Answer the question and get some social juice.
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